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Norette is compliant with the following.
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เว็บพนันบอล ต่างประเทศ

5508 Industrial Road, Box 6307
Drayton Valley, Alberta  T7A 1R8
orette operates provincially in Alberta and maintains or exceeds all Industry Standards in Safety, Training and Equipment.
We pride ourselves on being an excellent corporate citizen and support many local and area initiatives.

Contact us to discuss how n assist your company.

Lenard LaChance, President
Mike Prins, Vice President
Garry Swendseid, Secretary/Treasurer
Michael McGee, Director
James Cox, Director





It is Norette Oilfield Services’ position that most accidents and injuries are  
preventable.  Norette has an obligation to provide a safe and healthy workplace for  
employees and contractors.  Each worker has a personal and vital responsibility to  
contribute to safe work performance and maintain safety standards in the  
workplace.  Through such joint effort, an accident and injury free work environment  
will be achieved.
Supervisors’ responsibilities are to ensure that workers understand and implement all Health and Safety protocols. 
Workers’ responsibilities are to follow all guide lines established and promote and foster a safe work environment.
Responsibilities are:

TO COMPLY with appropriate safety and
occupational health laws and regulations.

TO PROVIDE safe and healthy workplaces, tools,
equipment, materials - free of preventable hazards.

TO PROVIDE effective safety and occupational
health management at all levels with the Company.

TO COOPERATE with government and industry
associations in improving the safety and health of

TO MAINTAIN reasonable safety rules and practices
with firm and fair enforcement and to effectively
communicate these rules, practices and procedures
to all employees and contractors.

TO PROMOTE good safety and health attitudes by
enlisting the efforts of all workers and by providing
appropriate recognition for superior safe work

TO PROVIDE appropriate occupational health
programs and services for worker health

TO PROMOTE worker safety and health both on and
off the job.

TO MAINTAIN leadership in safety and accident
prevention by constantly improving safety
performance with the objective of reducing
accidents to a minimum.

TO ENSURE that organizations providing contract
services to Norette Oilfield Services (2005) Inc.
comply with the Company’s safety and health
practices and procedures.
เว็บพนันบอล ต่างประเทศ